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About Us

Artist Bio

I am an Ohio native and a Columbus, Ohio, and North Miami, Florida-based artist journey into the world of art began during high school, where I would lose myself for hours sketching music-inspired themes. My artistic roots trace back to my father, a professional illustrator, whose wisdom I absorbed through observation.

In those early years, I expressed my creativity not only through visual art but also in the form of poetry, penning verses in Old English script on paper bags, lending them an antique allure.

My official artistic journey commenced in 2015 when I started experimenting with materials, especially branches, on canvas, paving the way for my unique style. As I immersed myself in nature walks, I found inspiration in the natural world, which began to influence my work significantly.

Early on, I witnessed the resonance my art had with people, igniting a spark within me to delve deeper into this creative path. In 2021, I took a decisive step toward honing my skills, enrolling in professional painting classes, refining my craft, and enhancing my artistic prowess.

Discipline is my guiding principle, yet I always leave room for experimentation and playfulness in my art. Today, I continue to draw from nature’s beauty and mystique to create evocative, peaceful, and symbolic art that captivates and inspires.