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My Art Story

As an Ohio native and Columbus-based artist, my journey into the captivating world of art traces its origins back to my high school days. Lost in the melodies of music, I would spend hours sketching themes inspired by the rhythms and emotions that filled the air.

The foundation of my artistic journey is rooted in my father’s legacy, a professional illustrator whose wisdom I absorbed through the silent language of observation.

During those formative years, my creativity knew no bounds. Not only did I express myself through visual art, but I also ventured into the realm of poetry, transcribing verses in the elegant script of Old English onto humble paper bags, imbuing them with an antique allure.

In the year 2015, I embarked on an official artistic expedition, experimenting fervently with various materials, with a particular fondness for the texture and character of branches on canvas. This marked the inception of my distinctive artistic style. As I ventured into the wilderness on nature walks, the natural world began to speak to me in profound ways, leaving an indelible imprint on my work.

The true magic began when I witnessed the resonance my art had with people. Their appreciation ignited a spark within me, urging me to journey deeper into this creative realm. In 2021, I made a pivotal decision to hone my skills further, enrolling in professional painting classes, refining my craft, and elevating my artistic prowess.

While discipline serves as my guiding principle, I always make space for experimentation and playfulness within my art. Today, my canvas is a mirror to the boundless beauty and mystique of the natural world. It is from this eternal wellspring of inspiration that I create evocative, serene, and symbolic art that has the power to captivate and inspire.